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March 6, 2007 we added a free translation service to our website.  One user per day may submit up to an eight word phrase to be unofficially translated from English to Polish. Translations that exceed eight words must be submitted through our fee based service. Individual prices per translation project will vary. Our staff members are all officially certified in English and Polish, and all fee based translations carry an official seal, which can be used in any government or business setting.

Our website finally received it's long over due update and redesign. You will find that the navigation and layout is much more user friendly then it was previously.  We now have all of our English to Polish phrases segregated into three categories, general phrases, dining phrases, and of course travel phrases.  This organizational upgrade will help you find the phrase that you are looking for much more quickly then before.  Thank you for stopping by, please make sure you visit us regularly to view newly added phrases.  Do widzenia.
Dobranoc was founded in 2005, by two certified English and Polish translators based in Seattle, Washington.  We decided to take our services online, and thus Dobranoc was born.  Originally our website was hosted on a shared server with a non unique domain, but last year we acquired our current domain, and decided to go for a more professional look then our previous setup.  We also recently had our website redesigned for a smoother and more streamlined approach, we hope you enjoy the final outcome.  

The mission of our website is to provide businessmen, students, tourists, and anyone else planning to go to Poland, a quick and easy English to Polish online phrase resource.  If you browse through our phrase section, you'll find a comprehensive list of common and often used phrases that may come in handy while being in Poland.  Aside from our published phrase resource, we also offer a free mini translation service, where we will translate one eight word max phrase per user per day.  If you cannot find a specific phrase available on our website that you would like to learn, please visit our contact us page and send us an email.  We will translate up to an eight word phrase, and deliver the translation back to you by email within 48 hours. 

We want to thank you again for visiting our website Dobranoc, we hope that you will find our site useful.  Please come back again as we will continue to upgrade and add additional English to Polish phrases.