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Dobranco | English to Polish Dining Phrases Page 1
Dobranco | English to Polish Dining Phrases Page 1
>> English to Polish Dining Phrases

Can you recommend a good restaurant?
Is someone sitting here?
Can I see the menu please?
I would like a diet meal.
I want it medium done.
I'm in a hurry, and would like something ready cooked.
What time do you serve lunch?
I want it well done.
I want it rare.
May I have the bill please.
I think you've made a mistake.
Please pass the salt.
What's for dinner?
Please pass the pepper.
Please pass the sugar.
I would like a beer please.
Can I see the wine list please.
I would like some coffee please.
Please pass the cream.
Where is the restroom.
Do you accept credit cards?
Where is a good Chinese restaurant?
May I have a napkin?
May I have some tea.
I'm ready to order.
May I have some bread please.
I would like a salad please.
May I have the dessert menu?
Do you have vegetarian meals?
Do you have outdoor seating?
May I have a knife please.
May I have a fork please.
May I have a spoon please.
May I have some ketchup please.
Please pass the butter.
Where is a good steak house?
Where is a good pizzeria?
May I have some decaffeinated coffee.