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Dobranco | English to Polish Travel Phrases Page 1
Dobranco | English to Polish Travel Phrases Page 1
>> English to Polish Travel Phrases

Can I park here?
Can I park here for the night?
Can I park here for the week?
How far is it to a camping site?
Which platform is it leaving from?
I have an international drivers license.
Where is the information desk?
The ticket is valid until when?
Do I have an immediate connection?
Where do I need to change trains?
Is there a sleeping car?
Is there a dining car?
Where is the bus station?
May I smoke please?
How can I get to the airport?
How much luggage can I take?
Where is the port?
How long is the journey?
Where is the nearest gas station?
Please pour some water into the radiator.
Where is the nearest service station?
Fill it up please.
My car has broken down.
I want a single room.
Can I get there by bus?
Where is the nearest hotel?
Can you tow my car?
Can you charge the battery.
Call the ambulance please.
Call the police please.
Please wash my car.
Please check the oil.
When will it be ready?
Please check my tire pressure.
Please clean my windshield.
Is there hot water in the room?
Can I have a room with a bath.
I want a double room.
Can we rent a tent?